Changing Your Method of Getting New Real Estate Clients Too Soon

Never in history has there been a time that a realtor just getting started had access to so many resources to become successful. Yet the statistics of realtors failing their first year are still as high as 50% or higher. In this article I am going to share with you one major cause for failure as a start up realtor and how you can avoid being another statistic.Make decisions quickly and change them slowlyMost of failing start ups happen because we change our direction to frequently. What happens is we are smart and we want to get to a give goal in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort. So we look for ways to do that.We start marketing processes to grow our business or to reach a business goal only to find out that something is challenging or maybe a little harder than we thought it was going to be. Then most well meaning inspiring realtors look for an easier or simpler way to get to a that result.Most new realtors do this every time they are met with any kind of resistance to achieving their goal.I know when a realtor moves from marketing process to marketing process never really becoming successful with on or the other they just searching for a way to get the fastest results possible.But that intention still doesn’t make it OK to walk away from a marketing plan we have already started.Now along the path of developing our real estate business something completely unavoidable has to happens. We reach a point of resistance. Now this point of resistance has to happen because certain skills can only be developed by rolling up your sleeves and actually doing a business activity.And if you have never done a business activity before there is going to be a learning curve. And your results will be a reflection of where you are along that learning curve.This moment in your new business career is a pivotal moment. Because this is where we either graduate to the next level of our journey or fail and have to take this very first class over again.Many of use will start to feel discontent with this friction of learning something new and begin looking for a better ways to accomplish our goal outside of the present process.But since we start out by looking for outside solutions to our challenges we never really master any given business building process.So what’s the answer?We need to make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Because there will always seem like there is a better way to get to a result. But if your just starting as a realtor, don’t move to some other business process until you have mastered and fully leveraged the results you can get from the process you are engaged.